It's Official

HuskyStars Best In Show Collection!!!

All our kids at home :)

Our Best in Show Winners Aurora and Rider!

The Snowmist boys Polaris and Rider!


Puppy pen:)

Kids in the kennels!

Back yard ready for play. NO MUD:)

Time out, LOL

Handsome Polaris!

Playing in the clean yard. Back yard still mud from the snow melt.

The girls doing a mudd facial. Back yard time.

The kids bedroom condos.

Huskystars traveling.

Huskystars at night.

Aurora loves bubbles:)

Why Siberians need a 6 foot fence:)

Waiting for hot dogs:)

Polaris is the conducter of the pack howling!

They love to do the gardening:)

Canine Good Neightbour:)

Roller skating with mom.

Biking with Dad.

Bike riding.

Bike riding with the kids.


Picture from the SSM Humane Society Dog Walk. Aurora and Polaris were great ambassadors to their breed and raised money for the needy.

Huskystars decked out for Christmas.

Princess AURORA:) no work involved.

Polaris with this Christmas present. Does a great job unwrapping.

Polaris's snuggle time with mom:)

Aurora has computor time, LOL.

Love their raw meat!

Master Polaris:)

Polaris telling sister Aurora, this is a good place to hang out LOL.

Still on the bed a year later, LOL

Pictures of our kennels and our Husky kids at home:):):)